Press Us

It is great when anyone talks about you, and even better when they say nice things. If you have been MIA since September 1, Jose and I had a very nice spread in Atlanta HOME magazine.

Many people have reached-out to us because of the article. We heard a common refrain.........'You have inspired me or us'.  When we moved to this corner of Atlanta, there was very little  'inspiring'. We and others saw the possibilities and were  inspired by that future. So we got involved, we met our neighbors, we advocated for parks, we picked up trash, we pushed for safety,,,,,we were loud and present.  

Practice what you preach.

When we built our first home and studio, not many believed the 'modern' idea was a good one. But we believed in Architectural diversity. Now the 'modern' solutions are the hottest properties.  We shy away from the idea of a stylistic 'shtick' or 'gimmick', as if it is a wand that is waved over a project.  We hope that inspiration is not a gimmick, that the inspiration waves some of your own little magic.   

Build it and they will come.